Tuesday, January 11, 2011

well hello!

oh my how time flies! it feels like it has been forever since i have posted something! instead of posting once a week, at least, like i should, i post once every two months. lol! well, a lot has happened in the last two months! the day after Thanksgiving devin got laid off of his job! it has been super tough but he has been interviewing like crazy and a couple of nice jobs have shown up. hopefully-fingers crossed- he gets something soon! Christmas was amazing! of course the holidays are always terrific! Boston was a blast this year just because i think he really understood it! he says santa is nice but scary at the same time! :) at least we got him to sit on his lap this year! Anyston was fun too but all she wanted to do was eat the wrapping paper. pictures will come soon-when i find the time to myself. my dad and his girlfriend jo took us snowmobiling for our big present this year. it was soo much fun. this was the first time i had ever been and now im hooked! i keep dreaming that im snowmobiling till my head slams to the side and i realise im out of it. oops! Anyston of course is changing a ton! she is six months old now and loves to jaber! typical for a girl i guess. she sits up on her own and has two teeth! which im sure i would love if her favorite toy wasnt my boob! lol she does love baby food. sweet potatoes so far is her best friend. we tried peas the other night and the face she made was hilarious! of course more pics to come! well..just wanted to update everybody and let you all know that yes, we are still alive and blogging! like i said hopefully i can upload some pics soon!