Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

this awesome truck that my grandparents have at their house! i wanna go out and take more pics by it! i downloaded the pictures backwards! sorry!
Boston getting candy and eggs out around the house!

Jacob, Kayla and Boston

Grandpa and Anyston

Who bigger, Anyston or the pillow pet?

she found her an egg! she wanted to eat it!

getting the hang of things

boston finding his eggs

wondering what to do

Anyston's loot

Boston's loot

things the easter bunny brought!

Coloring Easter Eggs!

the finished product! looking good!

Jacob and Boston

oh my!

where has the time gone? i cant believe how fast three months will go by! anyston is finally crawling! i was really worried that she would do it while i was on my trip to las vegas and i would miss it! she started doing it about a week before! boston is going to be such a good body gaurd for her! he is always watching out for her and being a great big brother! devin yet again has more job offers that we are looking at... i really wish he would find one that he likes and just stick with it, but we all know he wont! lol easter was soo much fun! we went up to idaho for the night and boston loves it up there! i will post pictures of the holiday as soon as i can get my camera working right! hopefully by the end of the day!