Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bath Time

i was trying to get boston to take a bath and he just didnt want to, so jokingly i told him he could take a bath in the sink and he jumped right on in! he loved it and asked again the next day if he could do it again.
it looks pretty cold to me! i cant believe that this is how everybody did it in the olden days!

Drive Inn

Anyston fast asleep in the nice warm car with mommy and daddy
Boston and Camden sat outside in lawn chairs for about 15 min, then they decided it was too cold!

bost looks like he is in -90 degree weather all bundled up and camden just has a blanket on.

the boys when we first got there. Boston, Carter and Camden

work party

my moms work had a party on sat and she took me and boston and anyston to it! they had this super big blow up superman thing that boston loved! i went on it a couple times and my back it paying for it now but it was way fun!
when i get rich, (fingers crossed) i want one of these in my back yard! me and boston raced a couple of times and he was faster at it than i was! that means im getting old.

at the park they had a chalk board above the tables where we were sitting and the group before us was for parents of murdered children. :( i wanted to take a picture of it but my mom wouldnt let me. we were in the middle of rose park so i was a little freaked out by this sign! not sure if i will ever go there by myself thats for sure! lol

my friend nikki had this big bean bag at her house and we decided to put anyston on it! she loved it and when we took her off, she freaked out!
i love how little she looks on it!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

B and A it took me forever to get this picture cause she kept screaming, as you can tell, but i love bostons smile in this one so i kept it.

Our Newest Edition

meet Anyston Fenway Grace Ballingham. she was born on July 5th and weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and was 19 inch long. big brother Boston! he loves her so much and is really cute with her! im glad they get along, for now anyway.
she was just a couple hours old here. she was soo little compared to boston. its soo fun to have a girl!

i love this picture!


So after seeing tons of friends and family create a blog i decided its about time i get one for my family as well. i tried creating one awhile ago but quickly got discouraged and gave up. so with the help of my aunt and cousin, i finally have one going. we will see how long it last!