Friday, October 21, 2011

field trip

this is bostons face when i told him he couldnt go on the tractor ride because he was being naughty! im such a nice mom! lol

his whole class! 3 years olds and 4 years olds

hes such a stud!
we loved black island hills farm!

me and my boy!

boston and daddy!

turkeys! they were huge!

feeding the donkey!

the pigs! i guess they have a bunch of baby pigs and they taught them how to race but we never saw it!

holy geese!

the white goat in the back had his head stuck in the feeding station thingy! dev was the hero and went to go get help! poor thing!

riding on the tires!

going up the slide!

coming down! he was really scared and almost made me go up to get him...glad i didnt have to!

going down another one!

being a rock star!

riding the train!

coming out the tunnel

playing in the corn!

his very own pumpkin! now he wants me to make him a pumpkin pie! i have no idea how to do that! i told him to ask mandy or bunna! lol

Bostons first day of preschool

my handsome boy!

Boston turns 4!

me and devin made this awesome monster jam cake!
opening presents !

me and anyston

raygen and anyston

his dave shirt!

his new bike!

the Barlow campout

playing games with cousins!

the whole gang! eating breakfast i think

jessie blowing bubble for the kids

anyston eating chalk! yummy!

keli and steve

papa and tilly

cali barlows hanging out!

making t shirts!

mom and jessie

me and mom
this was right after i cut all my hair off! look at how short it is!

the boys!

drying shirts!

anyston hanging out!

waiting for everybody else to get there!

jess and preston!