Friday, October 21, 2011

first 5k and the zoo!

sometime in may we ran, well walked a 5k with my moms work. there was soo many people there we couldnt run. it was up at the "this is the place monument" my great great, i dont know how many more greats has a statue up there, it was really nice to go up and see it!

anyston and boston ready to roll!

us girlies getting ready to go!

grandpa Israel Barlow

one of his many wives! i think had a total of 4 but only 2 of them had children... we are from the first wife i think...Elizabeth Haven Barlow

the statue of them!

after the race we decided to go over to the zoo for the rest of the day! so here is mommy elephant and baby zuri!

Boston and Anyston
of course once we got to the zoo boston didnt want to be pushed around anymore!

Anyston! ready to get out and crawl around!

the giant tortoise!

i thought this alligator was fake! it had its mouth opened like this for at least an hour.

nana and anyston

this year at the zoo was dinosaur themed so there were little statues of dinos all around the park! boston loved it! some of them would spray you with water as you walked past them!

lions and tigers and bears! oh my!

the tigers were playing with the balls! it was soo cool to see them doing something other than just sitting there!

i love giraffes!


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